Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Masouleh in Gilan Province, Iran

An incredible choice! MASOULEH is one the most visited places in Iran by Iranian and Foreigners. It is about history, Eco-tourism, sports, relaxation and  Culture. I will expand these issues about Masouleh in this post in abstract. but first, where it is and how to get there?

the panoramic view of the beautiful Masouleh, Iran

Where is Masouleh?
Masouleh is a small city (I prefer to say a village) in Fouman (Fuman) county in Gilan Province of Iran. less than 1000 people are living in Masouleh. the city has at least 2000 years of history.
60 km south west of Rasht city

The local old Bazar of Masouleh. Handicrafts and local food
The altitude, the elevation:
The city's altitude is 1000 meter, in the mounts of Alborz. but the significant thing is the city enjoys a 100 meter elevation in itself! this gives Masouleh spectacular view and sight.

The river and the waterfall
Masouheh River is the river passing through the village, with a waterfall located in the north of the village. It's cut-off by snow during the winter months. Fog is the predominant weather feature of Masuleh and creates even more beautiful views.

How to get there?
first travel to Tehran Imam Khomeini airport, near Tehran. from Tehran you can get to Rasht city by Autobus (around 10 USD per person) or by airplane (around 45 USD per person) or by car (5 hours driving from Tehran)

from Rasht there are buses or cars which takes people to Masouleh. (1 hour)

also from almost all the cities in Iran, you can find Tours to Masouleh.

There are some hotels and motels near the city, but I strongly recommend you to take local houses for accommodation. the city is very safe, don't worry about robbery or other crimes, but it is still wise not to take so much money with yourself. the cost o
f a room with air condition in the upper areas of the city is around 40 USD per night (2 persons)
Trust me this spices up your trip more than a hotel! Local houses of Masouleh

The Attractions of Masouleh:
My roof is your yard!
Masouleh is a historical village, which still has all the aspects of its old life. it seems the time has stopped in this city in many aspects. also there is Ghaleh Roudkhan tower one hour driving from the city which worth a visit.
There are many Eco Tourism attractions close to the city. Famous forests of Gilan, Alborz mountain, the water fall and the river.
Sport activities related to mounts and the river are also very popular.
The Architecture and the local Bazar are the cultural attractions of Masouleh.
The spectacular architecture of Masouleh is popularly known as "The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below"