Monday, June 15, 2015

off road tour and camping in Iran, Taar and Havir lakes

30 kilometers away from Damavand city, if you drive in to the heart of the Alborz mountains, there would be Taar and Havir lakes, like two sisters close to each other! sleeping beauty in peace.
The road to Taar and Havir lakes is completely a dirt road, going through rivers and mountains, so it can be a supper attractive destination for off road camping as well.
Taar Lake, Damavand, Iran
the surface of the lake in the winter may cover by a thin layer of ice. but it hasn't been tested for sport activities like ice skating. the vegetation of Tar and Havir lakes are just like other southern parts of Alborz mountains, the two lakes are guarded and surrounded by higher altitudes, and two notable Dobaraar and Zarrin Kouh mounts.

The Alborz mountains, guarding Taar and Havir lakes
 on the way to Taar and Havir lakes, you will enjoy the scenes and views of Alborz mountains.

Safety issues:
the lakes' coasts are guarded by police all the time, so it will be safe for camping. but the roads, especially in winter time, can have no other passengers, so mind your vehicle's safety, mostly breaks, wheels and spare wheel and the steering system.
the total area has been reported secure and safe, but it is recommended not to go through the roads in the night. so plan your tip to pass the 30 km road trip in the sun light.

the road is unpaved and only one vehicle width
A spring comes out of the mountain's heart
how to get there?
Taar lake geographical dimensions: N354344 E521340
Havir lake geographical dimensions: N354357 E521440

to go there, you can go from Damavand city, Arab Chenaar village, Ma'dan road (mine road), go the dirt road to the end


from Tehran to Firouzkouh road, 98kilometer from Tehran, after Delichay village, pass the Li Posht, Moomaj, Dehnar and Havir villages to reach the lake.

What to bring?
camping facilities, like tents, tools, sleeping bags and canned food.
you can light fire to cook. the temperature can be low even in spring and fall. the sun light is very strong though and need sun protection creams, sunglasses and caps.
the night can be very cold even in summer time.
You will find no stores and groceries there (except the villages you pass through with small shops) so buy whatever you may need from Tehran or Damavand.
in the villages you can buy organic eggs, fresh milk or meet.