Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kashanak and Darband Mountains, North of Tehran - IRAN

Tehran is a city at 1400 meter altitude as an average. I live in a part of Tehran which has an altitude of 1750m above free sea levels. and I believe the most beautiful thing about Tehran (along with many ugly facts in my home-town!) is the presence of Alborz mountains which are covered by snow almost 8-9 months a year. this reminds many one thing: Skiing in Tehran would be great! I wrote before on Ski resorts in Tehran like Shemshak, Tochal and Dizin.

Tochal mount is about 4000 m altitude and it features a Hotel at 5th stop (I have heard it's the highest altitude for a hotel in the world but I am not sure) which I resided one night and it was a great experience. Tochal Ski resort may not be the most recommended ski resort (because of its small field) but is very popular among Tehrani young skiers with just minutes from their homes!

in the north of Tehran, you have old villages which are attached to modern Tehran as a part of city and not as suburbs. Darakeh, Darband, Niyavaran, Kashanak and Daar-abad are among them.

This is Tehran's view from Kashanak mountains, 2400m altitude
 going to mountains for people of Tehran is considered as sport, hobby, picnic and even dining! with many beautiful restaurants in Darband and Darakeh districts, you will enjoy a lunch or dinner (even breakfast) in high altitudes with mountain views.

a Panoramic view of Darband vally
Another beautiful fact about all these incredible mounts above Tehran, is you can climb up one and come down from another! for this you have to leave your car at ones footage ofcourse and also you may need to spend a full day climbing and walking (8-12 hours)

here are some possible routes:
climbing up Kolak Chaal and coming down from Darband
climbing up Kolak Chaal and coming down from Tochal
climbing up Kashanak and coming down from Tochal

how to get there:
Darband: from Tajrish square with one taxi route
Kolak Chaal: from Niavaran sreet, Feizieh (Jamshidieh) avenue
Kashanak and Dar Abad: from Niavaran square (Niavaran Palace) with one bus or Taxi route
Darakeh: from Parkway (Chamran) crossing with Vali Asr strees with Taxi

what to wear: in Spring and Fall the weather can be warm, chilling and raining. in Summer it can go extremely hot (40 degrees!) and in winter it can go below zero easily (minus 10 or -20)