Saturday, September 01, 2012

Respect the Forest, Respect the Nature...

These days we are witnessing another nature tragedy in Malaga, Spain. A raging forest fire there, leaves one person dead and thousands evacuated as fire-fighters struggle to subdue the blaze. 
The fire, which is now thought to have been started deliberately, is affecting Coin, Monda, Ojen, Alhaurin, Mijas and Marbella.
It's a big drama for humanity and nature, both. Russia, Portugal, Brazil, China, Iran and many other countries have experienced same tragedies recently. The worst point is when we come to the fact, all these phenomena start directly or indirectly with human cause! global warming or simply leaving an open fire in the woods. the result is the same!

Dal-Khani Forest in Iran, a virgin jungle for respectful Tourists
Dalkhani is the name a virgin and untouched area in North of Iran, between Ramsar and Shahsavar (Tonekabon) city. the village had only three family as residents till 2005! but now it's a major tourist attraction in the area of Caspian Sea.