Monday, November 01, 2010

Plan your Budget Travel to Iran

Back Pack Budget Traveling tips and ideas for Iran

if you believe it's a good time to travel to Iran, and if you are a Budget traveler,then you may love this blog post!! I'll let you know some tips about how to plan a budget trip to Iran:

  1. Accommodation:
    Hotels are so expensive in Iran, specially if you try to relate the price and the quality of service anyhow (who shouldn't care this relation?!) a 5 star hotel providing a 3 star service(!) costs you 220 USD in Tehran. and a 3 star hotel costs 90 USD per night
    try to find a host using websites like hospitalityclub
    or try to find a furnished apartment for short term.
  2. Transportation:
    taxis and other transportations in Iran are roughly cheap. the cheapest way of traveling inside Iran is almost always Buses, also for some routes you can check up with trains.
    if you want to travel inside Tehran, which is the most expensive city in Iran, as a budget traveler don't get in a Taxi and say your destination. it will work like a Yellow Cab in London (expensive)! instead you can ask other people how you can get there.
    for Bikers and Motorcycle riders things can be different. petrol is cheap in Iran (roughly 40 USD cents per Liter)
  3. meals:
    Meals in some restaurants can cost you 30-100 USD per person! Restaurants like Nayeb, Shandiz, Shamdan, Alborz and many others start from 20-25 per person. even restaurants like Taj Mahal, ّFrench and Japanese restaurants can cost up to 100 bucks!
    instead of trying these restaurants for a simple meal you can cook very cheap and healthy food using rice, meet, beef, chicken and vegetables.
    rough prices:
    rice: 2 USD per Kg - chicken: 3-4 USD per Kg - beef: 8 USD per Kg - vegetables: 1 USD per Kg
    fruits (average): 2-3 USD per Kg
    NOTICE: Iranian restaurants, mostly, are not Vegetarian friendly!
  4. Touristic areas and sights:many of them are free and the rest are cheap enough. beside you don't have any other option to pay less!
  5. Money Exchange:
    this can hurt!! in many cities you will experience problems with exchanging money. not too many in small cities and very limited open hours. also most of banks only deal with foreign currencies only 2 hours a day (11:00-13:00 local time)
    SO CARRY enough Iranian money when you are out of Tehran or large cities. I know for most of westerners it sounds crazy, but you should.
    there's no ATM accepting VISA, MasterCard etc. so you may not use them.
    paying in USD or Euro etc to ordinary people and store keepers can cost you more than what you should usually pay.
I hope you enjoy your trip!


murree hotels said...

The Iran is great place to visit if you have limited budget and the post about the hotels rates and food prices is very valuable

Tourism Industry said...

Iran has great travel & tourist spot which always attract tourists.This blog is really brilliant one which provided lots of information about traveling & tourism in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning

Me and my husband where thinking of going to Iran next year in march to celebrate with a friend of us the iranian new year and do tourism. However, news are so bad these days regarding the preparation of "axis of go-od" to bomb and start a war in your country. We dont have sufficient information, dont believe in news anymore since on these topics all is so manipulated! We really wish to go, but are scared fo being in the middle of a bombing action. Do you think a war is about to start over there? do you think is a crazy idea keeping with our plans to visit our friend and ejoy the people of your country who is known among the experts as the most lovely hosts and smily and so many nice things?

If your opinion is negative, please tell me a short why...

If your opinion is optimistic, please tell me a link inside your blog i cannot miss to prepare our trip and some musts we have to keep in mind .