Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iran's unique attraction: The underground Music Bands

Among all the attraction you have heard about in Iran, this virgin island(!) has a significant issue to discover by and be delivered to tourists: The underground Music bands.
These bands are mostly illegal, or better to say they are on the dark side of law! but no difference to make them outlaw! among them you can find Rock and Rap bands.
actually Iranian singers are categorized as:
  • legal and local singers and bands who have permit from the government to publish and distribute their artworks inside Iran
  • illegal bands who can't get permission for their works, known as underground music which I think have a larger body than the legal sector!
  • Iranian singers and Bands in US, known as Los Angelesi Music (From L.A.)
  • Iranian singers and Bands in Europe or other countries

I strongly believe the second sector has got more talent and innovation in their music than the others, especially the third one which mostly reminds you of dinosaurs!

I'm not a music expert, but I love Rock music personally and in Iran there are many Rock bands which all of them are categorized in the underground part. the reason is simply "our government denies many diversifications in interests and beliefs to be exist!" they just think Rock, Rap, Metal etc are not existed, just like the homos3xuality! (refer to Mr.Ahmadinejad's speech in NY claimed "No gays in Iran" (watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_3RUwAJ_MI)

The Ways, is a rock band in Iran, probably located in Tehran, founded by Kaveh Afagh and Alireza Pour-reza.as they say on their official website (www.thewaysband.com) "The Ways supposes that has created or reached a special kind of pop-rock music. The Ways` members named their style, Oriental Rock, which is based on the creative artistic methods of the Old Persian artists."
Among their outstanding songs, I love "bonbast" and "Tehran"

Tehran Song:
talks about unemployed and under wage people (mostly men) who their inability to obtain minimum life needs causes prostitution of their wives and girls. a very strong lyric by Kaveh Afagh, implemented smoothly on the music theme. the vocal is somehow different of what ever I've heard from Iranian rock bands.

Bonbast Song:
life, war and the truth of universe! if these are things you can't combine them together in your life, this is your right music. "lieutenant, you're stuck and condemned, and your death is just a message from each War" it says in a part and also: "universe, both your hands are null, and all the alleys are dead-end"

Support this band, linking and downloading theirs songs: www.thewaysband.com


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