Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iranian fruits and gardens

Iran has a vast majority of food and fruit products. because of the variety of climates from hot and sandy deserts to crowded jungles and 100% humid places, this wide divergence has occurred.
most of Iranian farms and gardens are producing organic fruits. comparing to Genetically Modified fruits I've seen in Europe, Iranian fruits are more juicy and tasty.

in the picture: a native Orange and Citrus fruit whole seller in Ramsar city
Iran produces Orange, lemon and other citrus fruits in north of Iran, mostly in Mazandaran, also Kiwi, Tea leaves, rice and Banana over there. Apple, Pear and Peach in Damavand, Taleghan etc. Pistachio and Pomegranate in Yazd and Saveh, Watermelon and melon in Mashhad etc. Dates are produced in southern Iranian cities like Ahwaz and Abadan.
in North west or Iran, especially Tabriz city Iran produces dried fruits, mostly exported to Turkey, Persian Gulf coast countries and Europe.

Kiwi and Orange
Iran imports some fruits as well, like fruits from South East Asia which we don't have in Iran etc. but the mostly confusing thing is we import Apple, Orange and rice as well! from Turkey, China, Egypt and Pakistan. It has a big negative effect on local market and causes losses for native traders and producers.

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