Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ramsar Telecbin (Cable Car) resort

Ramsar, is called the planet's paradise in Iran. the city has a strange story from the foundation to now, first it was called Sakhtsar. people of Ramsar say once Reza Shah Pahlavi was crossing the city to Astara he ordered to construct and rebuild the city. on the way back to Tehran he visited the city again and called the city Ramsar instead of Sakhtsar (the two words are antonyms in local language, Gilaki)
Whether this story is true or not, Ramsar remains one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. the beauty of the mountains and jungles is comparable with Alps mountains and the Caspian lake adds more attraction to it. though the lake is so dirty and polluted these years, regretfully...

Mountain and jungle in fog - Ramsar Cable car site

anyway, Ramsar is the western most city in Mazandaran province. It borders the Caspian Sea to the north, Chaboksar city from Gilan province to the west, Alborz mountains and Qazvin Province to the south, and Tonekabon to the east. Tonekabon is also known as Shahsavar, which has an unbelievable series of beauty like 2000 and 3000 roads, Ghal'e Gardan road etc. I will write about it in another post with pictures. where I made a tremendous time with new kind and nice friends :)
Casino street in Ramsar city

back to Ramsar, where is known as the vacation site of Mohammad Reza Shah (Late Pahlavi Shah of Iran) with a palace over the jungle built for him, and a famous Casino which is used as a Hotel (Hotel Ramsar) now. there's a famous road from the hotel to the beach called Casino street as well.
Ramsar Hotel (the old hotel on the left, and the new on the right)

Ramsar Telecabin (Cable car) is built between Ramsar and Chaboksar (5 kilometer from each) and exactly on the border of Gilan and Mazandaran provinces. the cable car station goes up from the sea coast to the highest levels of the nearby mountain in the Alborz, crossing over the main road and the jungle. in the complex there are facilities like native and international restaurant, fastfood, coffee shop, a shopping center, Go Kart field and most important, a marina under construction, which shapes like two fish toward each other.

there are other under construction facilities like a paint ball field, concert hall, exhibition venue, a 5 star hotel down side and a 4 star hotel apartment above the jungle.

Ramsar Plaza restaurant and shopping center

I will post more information and pictures from this beautiful city soon :)