Friday, January 29, 2010

Damavand - Absard

many Tehran citizens travel, camp or go for a short piknik to Damavand region, north east of Tehran. better to say we scape Tehran, with its crazy traffic jam and insane driving style to these suburbs and nearby cities.
Among the most known destinations in Damavand region are Mosha and Absard. Mosha is in Haraz road to Chalous and north of Damavand city, while Absard is in Firouzkouh road to Amol roughly south of Damavand city (few kilometers passing Gilavand city)

Generally, Damavand, the city itself is a city in Tehran Province in Iran. Damavand is an ancient and historic city mostly known for its closeness to tallest Mount in Iran, Mount Damavand, which is reminded several times in Iranian poetry like Ferdowsi's Shahnameh or Malekol Shoara Bahar poems.
above images can't picture the beauty of the city and region in any way. the environment is pretty calm and the nature is pure. there's a river near this area, which I don't know the name! you may find more information on Damavand here.