Monday, December 28, 2009

Water, Earth, Wind and Fire

Many philosophies have used set of classical elements, as the elements the universe is built and made of: Water, Earth, Wind or Air and Fire
for all Iranian Fire is a holy element, while the other are so important for life as well. we have a ceremony called Charshanbeh Souri, which happens annually in the last Wednesday of our calender year (beginning of April)
Buddhism, Zoroastrian, Hinduism and Chinese have many quotes on these element.
below pictures are from a park in north of Tehran, called Water and Fire Park. it's a unique park in Iran, nice design and beautiful location. it can be named one of Tehran's potentials to be visited with tourists and travelers. take a look:
Water and Fire Park entrance, Tehran

Water. Children playing above water works
Fire torches in the night (Fire Dance, Musical)
Park Theater (open area)

Side view
view to south
How to get there?
well, the address... it's located in the crossing of Africa highway (Jordan street) and Hemmat highway. you should enter from Africa (Jordan street), just the second exit when you pass the Hemmat bridge from South to North. There are facilities like parking area, buffet, children playground, horse riding field etc.