Sunday, February 01, 2009

Parking Parvaneh - Tehran

there a parking in center of Tehran, in Ferdosi and Jomhouri streets junction, called Parvaneh Parking. this parking in Fridays turns in to a fabulous bazaar for antiques, textiles, wood crafts and anything you can imagine! when I say anything, I really mean it! but don't forget if you went to this bazaar, don't trust any claims against being old, antique and Italian made!! the prices also can be so prone. but it worths a look for sure. here are some pictures, but sorry for bad quality. I took them with my mobile camera and also it was so dark over there to take good pictures:

I believe every city and every single place in a city has its own mysterious soul. when you are in Parking Parvaneh, you will enjoy a chaotic spirit!