Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Travel review to Iran by a European citizen

Leo is a Dutch citizen (from Holland). He sent me an email searching for a friend in Iran. I asked him to write a review on his trip to Iran and he gently sent me below paragraphs:

Despite chronic negative articles in western press I decided to make a journey to Iran.
As an individual traveller (back-packer) I visited beautiful places like Shiraz and Isfahan and travelled by direct train from Tehran to Damascus in Syria in October 2008.
Iran bombarded me with positive and very long-lasting impressions.
I enjoyed the hospitality, helpfulness and modesty of the Iranian people.
The way people worship in mosks in Shiraz and enjoy relaxing in shady parks impressed me very much.
The quiet courtyards of madrasehs in Isfahan are a heaven in busy bazaar life.
On Friday I observed the people of Isfahan peacefully and highly socially picknicking in the parks along Zayandeh River and at night drinking tea near the beautiful illuminated ancient bridges.
I discovered a country of warm and fascinating people and a country not yet spoiled by mass-tourism.
I experienced the Iranian culture to be markedly different to the Arabian culture.
I observed a country with tradition on the one hand and an extremely high density of sophisticated mobile-phones on the other hand, and steps to a surprising level of modernity.
Iran fascinated me in such a way that I am looking forward to visiting it again as soon as possible.

Leo van Houten


Naj said...

lovely pictures!
I will add your blog!

Pakistan travel said...

Your country is very beautiful and have great attraction for traveler,you have great thoughts by presenting your country to the world by this manner i will visit soon your country.

Sheraton Karachi said...

Exactly, Iran is seem to very beautiful on pictures and hope so it is more beautiful directly and i wish to go there and see all that live which i see in pictures.