Saturday, May 10, 2008

pictures from Tehran

I call tehran BBC sometimes! but it stands for "Big Boring City" this is not because it's not beautiful, but just for two main reasons: traffic jam, week entertainment facilities specially nights. but, you can find it much more interesting than most of cities in the world, if you like to see strange and wiered things sometimes! keep on reading my blog you will find things:

first take a look at traffic. see how a beautiful rainy/snowy day can be ruined by such traffic:

Where can you see a five story building with only 2 meters width? only in Tehran! look at the black stone covered building:

Oh my god! this one was fantastic. it was awesome, I got 10 years younger with this scene. Argentina Square, near our office in the 2007's winter. the statue in the middle of square had freezed and the spout was making the scene more beautiful. the weather was as cold as hell, 15 degree centigrades below zero:

The parliment of Tehran, Baharestan avenue. we call it Majlis:

an old fashioned and stylish old designed building in modern Tehran:

size does matter! take a look:

They are selling their cars, in Abdulabad:

That's all for now, but I got tons of these pictures. some reminds me sweet memories, some make me laugh and some make me bored. that's simply life, isn't it?