Friday, April 04, 2008

Visiting Iran?

Just a year ago, I found a new friend on the webbed world, thanks to this Iran travel Blog. She was Italian and was planning to visit Iran. Though we couldn’t arrange a meeting, but when she finished visiting Iran, she was so impressed with what she has seen in Iran, she wrote me some lines about her trip to Iran and I asked her for a permission to publish them here on my blog. So here it comes, just as a testimonial of a foreigner, westerner and European tourist, visiting Iran:

Dear Emad,
I am very sorry if I haven’t replied before, but I left for Iran on Dec 27th during the night and I read your mail only 5 minutes ago. At the moment I am in Shiraz, and we are finishing our tour of Iran, which included Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz, Persepolis. What I have seen so far in your country is absolutely above any expectations; Isfahan and Persepolis are wonderful dreams!
Tomorrow we are coming back to Tehran only for a few hours: we are getting to Laleh Hotel at about 5 pm, but being such a short notice, I understand it can be difficult to arrange something ; unfortunately we are leaving on Saturday morning to go back home.
I have read many things about Iran, and seen films and read about history, but seeing the real thing has been really a beautiful surprise; but apart from the beauties Iran has to offer, what impressed me most is the people: I think I have been together with the nicest people on earth!
I am sorry I got to know only now that your wife studies Italian, I could have brought something nice and interesting to her; by the way, if she thinks I can do something for her or send her anything she may need, let me know.
By the way I will try to phone you as soon as I arrive at the hotel tomorrow.


Abdul said...

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anyway u have done good job.

Iranian Dress said...

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