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Arak - Markazi Province

Arak's General information:
The City of Arak is in the southwest of the Markazi province. Arak has cold winters and moderate summers. It is the capital of the province and is 295 km far from Tehran. The city is one of the industrial poles of the country, almost the third important industrial city after Tabriz and Isfahan.

Arak - Mountain view

Arak's Neighborhood:
In the North of city you see Saveh, Tafresh and Komeijan. West meets Malayer and Shazand, East is facing Mahallat and Qom. In the south of Arak there are Khomein and Golpaigan cities.

Arak's Infrastructures:
As the main transportation infrastructure, the Tehran - Khuzestan railroad crosses this city. Also Tehran-Qom highway continues through Salafchegan to Arak city. All Mobile operators in Iran, (MCI, MTN Irancell and Taliya) are active in the city of Arak.

Arak - Haftad Gholleh District

Arak's Establishment:
The Arak city was established during the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar. At first this city was called "Qaleh Soltan Abad". In 1840 its name changed to Arak. Since its establishment till date Arak faced several changes. Until the early 1890 ,Arak was a military city and the base for generals. But from the time of Mirza Hassan Khan, the military status of the city reduced and gradually became a commercial and industrial city. Once the World War I broke out and the Qajar dynasty cracked down, Russian forces occupied Saveh, Soltan Abad, and the nearby regions. When the World War I and the political changes of the country ended, Soltan Abad also faced the changes of that time, and its physical appearance changed immensely. This process continued to the next decades. Presently, Arak is one of the important industrial cities of Iran.

Arak Nuclear Site:
Iranian heavy water nuclear site is placed in Arak city. The Arak nuclear reactor is a heavy water reactor for processing Platinum which Iran has always declared for peaceful purposes.

Arak's Heavy water nuclear plant

Universities of Arak city:
Arak University of Medical Sciences
Arak University of Science and Technology
University of Arak
Islamic Azad University of Arak
Tarbiat Moallem University of Arak
Payam-e-noor university of arak (Distance Learning)
Mashinsazi technological training center

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