Saturday, October 13, 2007

Abadan - Khuzestan Province

In the south west of Iran, in the Khuzestan province, where the sun warms your skin even in the middle of the winter, where the humidity can completely get saturated up to 100% with 60 Centigrades degree heat! there is a city: Abadan

Welcome to Abadan sign, in the international airport of Abadan

Abadan reminds all Iranian about things, nostalgically, the Karoun river which is the longest and the largest in Iran, which is the source of folkloric music of Bandari. this native and old kind of music is based on ragtime rhythm. But as a modern issue, Abadan reminds Iranian of oil, which is our main treasure. Oil was discovered in Abadan in 1908. Abadan also recalls the warm people living in it to me. Abadni people are really friendly, calm and smooth, easy going also.

two views from Karoun River
Abadan has nearly half a million population (2007) while it was dropped nearly to 10,000 people during the imposed war (Iran-Iraq). Abadani people are Persian and Arab but most of both parties are very patriot and nationalist.
Abadan is well-known for its refinery complex which was the largest in the region for years, but not now. also Abadan Institute of Technology AIT is very famous which is founded in 1939.

The city is still beautiful and attractive especially in winter time when the northern regions in Iran are pretty cold.

A night view of Abadan
Abadan has very good tourism facilities regarding the business attractions it makes for companies like hotels, airport and transportation services. Hotel Azadi (Parsian), Karevansara Hotel, Abadan Hotel and some others are samples of 5 or 4 star luxury ones.
You can go to Abadan on air from Tehran, Kish Island, Isfahan, Dubai and some other cities in Iran. Abadan has a train station also for passengers and general transportation. It's also just 80 minutes from Ahwaz by car.


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