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Zanjan city - Zanjan Province


Province and the City
Zanjan Province is located in North West of Iran (Persia). The province has been divided in two in 1996. Qazvin province formed by taking Qazvin and Takestan cities from Zanjan province and 7 other major cities/countries remained in Zanjan province: Zanjan, Abhar, Khorramdarreh, Tarom, Mahneshan, Eejroud and Khodabandeh.

Zanjan Grand Hotel

Zanjan is mostly an industrial province with its major industries in Automobile, Electrics, Metal works and Textiles. Iran Khodro, Iran Transfu Company, Iran Zinc Mines Development Company and Pars Switch are some samples of them.

Tourism and Economy

Zanjan has a great position in different kinds of Tourism like business tourism, Eco Tourism and historical sites tourism. There are many business & investment opportunities in the province for foreign investors and companies. Some of these fields are listed below: …
For tourists interested in historical sites and monuments Zanjan has many things to be visited. The most famous places among them are Rakhtshooi Khaneh (a place where people used to wash their clothes there), Soltanieh citadel tower and some Karevansaras (Places for travelers and ancient letter carriers, Chapars) etc.

Soltanieh Citadel

Two Soltanieh Inside views
One of the most Significant points of Zanjan city, is Caspian Exhibition complex. Caspian is in the suburb of Zanjan, close to El Daghi complex. I think Caspian Exhibition can play a great role in Zanjan’s economy growth. Caspian is designed in 3 phases and right now (July 2007) the 1st phase is completed in three salons (1600, 3200 and 3600 Square meters) and the second phase is 40% completed. One the most important issues that Caspian suffers from, is car parking area for visitors.
Modern Zanjan

Nowadays, Zanjan city with a population of nearly half a million (1.2 million people the whole province) is almost a modern city in Iran but still with traditional culture and life style. I really felt the lack of entertainment facilities in the city, since the only places to get some rest for residents are El Daghi and Mellat complexes. There are two lakes in Zanjan which I really missed some Jet Skies and boats, but there isn’t any.

El Daghi Complex


Today’s Zanjan is a good place for education. There are many universities in Zanjan and there are lot students from other cities especially from Tabriz and Tehran. Professor Sobouti, who is a Zanjani himself, has made a well equipped university for post graduation which is one the most beautiful and pleasure places I’ve ever seen as an academic center in Iran.

Post Graduate - Zanjan University (Prof. Sobooti)

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