Sunday, March 04, 2007

Y! answers is an amazing place! few days ago I just dumped in to a page, and saw it is completely different from what I'd seen years ago! I looked at some questions and found this one interesting:

If Christianity really is the true religion....?
Then what will happen to the devout Muslims, Buddists, Hindus and so on who were taught that their religions were right. Will they go to hell?

I really thought I got my words to say, so I replied:

I am a muslim, but not a radical and extrimist one! I believe in god and in being good to others. let me review your word: "Will they go to hell?"
and let me put it this way:
why did I become a muslim, and you became a christian? cause your parents were christians and mine were muslims!! so none of us decided to be something! and next, if you belive in god as the Just & Clement Creator, don't you think it is injustice to send to hell someone for what he/she hadn't chosen??

we all will be judged due to what we have done to other people (and even animals, environment and ourselves regarding my own belief)
as the last example I cannot imagine Hitler going to heaven cause he was a christian and Ghandi going to hell because he wasn't!

and... my answer got the best answer's award! cheers!

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