Friday, February 16, 2007

I had some partners from Malaysia 4 years ago and since I enjoyed the relation with them, mutual respect and kind behavior, I was really interested to see the country and its countrymen, especially because I had been heard a lot about the beauties.
By the way I had the chance to visit Malaysia just last week for 4 days. I got to Kualalampour, Putrajaya, Sunway and some other cities over there, but the facts I saw by myself were regretfully and unfortunately different and so far away from the view I’d made of Malaysia in my mind before.
First thing I noticed was an extremely rude treatment by their people from taxi drivers, tour guides and even hotel receptionists.
Taxi drivers usually do not use taxi meters and almost always cheat on transport costs. I think the government has not enough influence on them in this matter. I stayed in grand season hotel which claims to be the tallest hotel of Malaysia, but I have to say, as a four star hotel, the service was so poor to considered as a good accommodation solution. I experienced problems with bathroom and air condition system, and the elevators were always so late to pick you up. I talked to some other guests and they agreed with me on these points.
By the way, I left the country to Singapore, a completely different experience from Malaysia! Singapore was exactly organized and disciplined at the other hand and can be a good model for Malaysian governors.

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