Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gold down, Oil down and ... US dollar down! what else American economists and merchants would expect? lower USD rates goes in oposite of GB Pound and Euro, higher the amount of international transactions take place in dollar scale.
today I wrote an article in my persian blog ( about the side effects of stable and lowered gold and oil price on Iran's economy. the main thing I have mentioned is about its effect on national inflation and the rate of domestic investment through the people's saving money.


Handcraft businesses should boost up Iran's international trade fairs in my point of view. there're two paralel and related markets: Travel and Tourism vs Handcrafts and handmade artworks. both have roots in cultural issues and native attraction of ancient civilizations like Iran.
My experience shows foriegn travelers get shocked by the facts of Iran in their first visits. one of the most strong reasons is the impact of their local medias which are not imparial in my opinion.
by the way Iran has a great potential for handcraft market with original ideas, good quality and low prices. just to give it an example Iranian Bamboos are unknown to the most of people while they know Indian and African Bamboo well.

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