Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are you a google inspired techi or geek? If you are a google investor simultaneously, read this!

I think google has a lot to do. The main reason is: in passed years, google's directors have decided to widen their market coverage, not only the market share, which deals with your customers' necessities dept as well as the online activities' area. This has been caused the vast range of google services, several websites and brands, lots of good news, stock price pump up and investors satisfaction as an overall.
I mean: google starts a virgin, new discovered, genuine and/or potentially great business online - experts often do no wrong! So google guys accomplish the project the way it should be - with an enormous media coverage they fill your virtual atmosphere with good (even awesome!) news, you absolutely feel they are just endowed with victory! - buyers rush into stock markets queuing for GOOG! - the prices soar up with no EPS or solid profit margins care...

google is on the top right now, Y! Has established a much more stable business than Google. An old versatile website, based on many outsourcing or internally developed services which have figured in a longer period. much more better brand management and well developed business partnerships and relations. Who can decline they have succeeded passing the dot com crisis over the ending years of second millennium?

I think YHOO is going to take off in next quarter while GOOG may have experience something different.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Considering Websites as Intellectual Properties, we have to bring some more issues into account for owning a virtual business. I mean you need to be aware of more items in owning a virtual business than if it was in the real world. Or maybe, we have to say different issues if it's not more in quantity.
for example, owning the domain name, getting a unique interface in to design and keep attention in omitting things violating piracy, are some examples.
owning the domain name is a term that I've been engaged with several times. Especially when your partner or consumer has a little knowledge about the websphere and its regulations. These kind of people usually do not trust if you simply Change the whois information and handing the control panel password. In such cases, I recommend you to ask him/her to open a fully new account in a registrar and order a domain transfer.