Friday, August 25, 2006

I've written a new article in Persian (hackers are not trustworthy!) about offers you may get from white hat hackers to consult or contract on your security issues. In case you got an online business you probably have experienced some hacking threads. In many cases the hackers calling themselves white hat, will offer you security services in a consultation or contract form. The article discusses how hackers are not trustworthy in any case, regarding some logics and ofcourse, some bad previous experiences market have seen.
I prefer to summerize these issues here:
1- hacking is a guilt in any circumstances. So a hacker is a guilty person in any aspects. Do you hire a person who obviously declares he's a guilty guy?
2- a good consultation firm, will keep you dependent on itself always. Do you feel comfortable with depending in a critical item (security) on some criminals?
3- what will your customers think if they understand you've hired some hackers for any reason? They will lose what you are trying to gain at the first step, because they don't need anything but privacy. And a hacker means no privacy!

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leila said...

may be it is late but I'm sorry about your grandfather and I wish God bless him.