Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I experienced problems regarding my nationality during passed two weeks. Problems you may not ever faced as Europeans, Americans, Africans etc! Well, I'm Iranian! The case is: I wanted to buy something (domain names) from somewhere which I'm gonna describe details beneath:
1- surf and search for some registrar options: enom, opensrs, directi etc
2- log into the first alternate (enom) and try to pay using a credit card
3- ...Oops! Iran's range of IPs are blocked! Since ICANN has issued and emphasized on internet governing terms and no sanctions have been deployed on Iran, you have to think there's something else wrong.
4- thanks global village, you've got enough tools to keep your location behind. I logged into one of my servers in Europe and logged into enom again. I made the payment using an UAE registered credit card (and paid to an American company, this is globalization!!) everything seemed to be right. So you have to come into this conclusion all I had to do, was denying my nationality!
5- the first time I logged into my account normally (without proxy) my account got disabled!
6- I contacted the support and found out the problem: my dear IP! Damn global village!
7- I tried directi... The Indians won't get nervous with my nationality... I'm doing fine right now and I will transfer over 1000 domain names into their business (who says it's not a deal??)

Thanks Christine Graf, the risk manager of enom, I may better leave you behind with your boundaries and fears. I don't know how old are you Christine. But if you are over 40, you may recall the days Iran was the biggest US friend in Asia, and if you have studied world's history ever, you may know Iran is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations ever...

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