Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damn, we are not human... should we make any sensible difference with beasts?
just few months ago I visited Lebanon like many other tourists from Europe, Middle East and Africa looking this way, beneath Lebanese and Turkish Kurds are dancing in Beirut's Sea-Side (Rouche street):

and Today, the lamb-like silent world, should face such scenes:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I can't even believe what's going on in Beirut and Lebanon. I hope to visit Beirut someday again, in peace and pacification. Lebanese are warm and kind people, maybe because this long, lifetime war has made them so calm. By the way, I hope they can get back home very soon, and live in their pretty land forever.
Google promotes FireFox heavily on its Google Adsense programs (referral ads) I've got no problem with this,
many websites are not adjusted to be displayed normal and fine using FireFox, undoubted the problem is with their designers and webmasters, cause they will lose 20-30 percent of web surfers by the way. I've got no problem with this too!, but... Today when I tried to open my own blog on blogspot, which belongs to Google Group, I saw the adsense box is out of shape! And I've got a big problem with this for sure!