Thursday, June 29, 2006

We are refreshing our organization chart at PersianBlog. I was interested in companies' structure and hierarchies always, feeling the classical management maybe. I like old styles.
being creative in your work place is great, but I think in most situations it's better to find the right answers from happened and experienced cases in other big (better say bigger) companies and firms. To be more frank, I think the art of solving management problems in small/middle size companies like ours (with around 50 employees) is in fact case study. Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Wiki etc... Doing reverse engineering to realize how they deal with problems and conditions. Also to find out the architecture and business algorithm.
I remember when we were studying on how we can build up our general portal, Zigur, Y!'s single sign on method looked so different from our model, but Google's approach to ring its sites was more similar to our system. Actually both side confirmation on a unique user ID (like your Gmail account in Google, Orkut, Adsense etc) is a great idea and really works!

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