Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need a vacation! I need to relax for a while, don't think about the newspaper (god, daily workflow kills!) don't think about the office, don't think about the responsibilities... The last item is an overall!
have you ever imagined the microsoft without Bill Gates?! The news about his leaving, as an executive director, and to focus on his charity programs, early 2008, during the world cup hot days, ... I got lots of feelings! They were doubtful to declare it? They are precautionary? They know worldcup affects any shocking news...
I think they didn't expect the rise of their share prices with declaring Bill will leave Microsoft! I'm not a fan or anti MS, but I think people these days are more relying on new and fresh ideas, something like youth spirit you know! :)
I believe Cisco and apple are following the same... Thanks worldcup for its influence!

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