Friday, June 16, 2006

the capacity... Everyone deals with this parameter in his characteristics. Even in interacting with others, classmates, colleagues, your wife etc. No one blame on his/her partner's limited capacity to hear, suffer or gain. The point is to know when you need to resume your mind. Like a garbage can.
these are exactly moments I think I need to take a break, have fun in my solitude, talk with no one but my mind, blog some words and walk along a street...

we celebrated PersianBlog 's 4th year birthday few days ago. I, as an Executive Manager in the group, felt proud, especially when I was presenting the 4th year's achievements and success story. We have more than 20 functional websites and online services making the biggest online Persian community on the web. Dr.Mehdi Boutorabi our CEO talked about the problems we encountered during past years and I mentioned problems regarding Privacy in Iran. (I directed a task force in ICC, Iran's region, about Privacy and Personal Data Protection)
by the way I hope to see PersianBlog's next Birthday anniversary.

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