Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Fifa's worldcup group D countries in economical views:

Portugal: GDP per capita = 19,300 USD estimated in 2005
Mexico: GDP per capita = 10,000 USD est. in 2005
Iran: GDP per capita = 8,300 USD est. in 2005
Angola: GDP per capita = 3,200 USD est. in 2005
We are refreshing our organization chart at PersianBlog. I was interested in companies' structure and hierarchies always, feeling the classical management maybe. I like old styles.
being creative in your work place is great, but I think in most situations it's better to find the right answers from happened and experienced cases in other big (better say bigger) companies and firms. To be more frank, I think the art of solving management problems in small/middle size companies like ours (with around 50 employees) is in fact case study. Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Wiki etc... Doing reverse engineering to realize how they deal with problems and conditions. Also to find out the architecture and business algorithm.
I remember when we were studying on how we can build up our general portal, Zigur, Y!'s single sign on method looked so different from our model, but Google's approach to ring its sites was more similar to our system. Actually both side confirmation on a unique user ID (like your Gmail account in Google, Orkut, Adsense etc) is a great idea and really works!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need a vacation! I need to relax for a while, don't think about the newspaper (god, daily workflow kills!) don't think about the office, don't think about the responsibilities... The last item is an overall!
have you ever imagined the microsoft without Bill Gates?! The news about his leaving, as an executive director, and to focus on his charity programs, early 2008, during the world cup hot days, ... I got lots of feelings! They were doubtful to declare it? They are precautionary? They know worldcup affects any shocking news...
I think they didn't expect the rise of their share prices with declaring Bill will leave Microsoft! I'm not a fan or anti MS, but I think people these days are more relying on new and fresh ideas, something like youth spirit you know! :)
I believe Cisco and apple are following the same... Thanks worldcup for its influence!

Friday, June 16, 2006

the capacity... Everyone deals with this parameter in his characteristics. Even in interacting with others, classmates, colleagues, your wife etc. No one blame on his/her partner's limited capacity to hear, suffer or gain. The point is to know when you need to resume your mind. Like a garbage can.
these are exactly moments I think I need to take a break, have fun in my solitude, talk with no one but my mind, blog some words and walk along a street...

we celebrated PersianBlog 's 4th year birthday few days ago. I, as an Executive Manager in the group, felt proud, especially when I was presenting the 4th year's achievements and success story. We have more than 20 functional websites and online services making the biggest online Persian community on the web. Dr.Mehdi Boutorabi our CEO talked about the problems we encountered during past years and I mentioned problems regarding Privacy in Iran. (I directed a task force in ICC, Iran's region, about Privacy and Personal Data Protection)
by the way I hope to see PersianBlog's next Birthday anniversary.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A village near Iran has been recently discovered with 200 people who have never got out of the village for past 4000 years! They've never seen automobiles, or even any other mankind. They do not dress, do not communicate and do not study. Ofcourse you can imagine a vast range of other "they do not"s, but it may be interesting for you to know what kind of "they do not..." has been issued in an article in Entekhab's news agency: They do not know anything about Vilayat! (Iran's first man in government)
I really liked to ask the reporter, how did you come to this conclusion to investigate them about their belief in Vilayat?!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Who is a project manager? I have worked in IT business for 10 years and still I'm not expert in any kind of technical sort of things. The reason is not cause I'm a business owner or a CEO, I've worked as a freelancer, contractor, entrepreneur and a simple employee, and in all cases I was engaged in technical projects without getting too much into details.
I think this is the key to answer who is a project manager. A project manager should be a person with same responsibility to technical and management firms, to coordinate the relations and to transmit the necessities among the parties. In other words it's the pivot to handle the relations between group of managers and engineers.