Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Miss management! The only problem we are interfering, is simply, solidly, uniquely: miss management! Wrong people in wrong places. Wrong attitude and wrong incentives... Right men, do not last, right men, do not grow.
Managers are not (and were not neither!) technicians, and do not trust in experts. They believe in disruptive methods of human resource managements! Believe me there's a hole in this country's management!


take a look at this:

maybe someday, in 16th or maybe older, I was a German! I really recognize them better... Yes I believe in reincarnation.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

These days in Iran, everybody wonders what'll happen in near future! Nobody plans for a long term business or living style, I mean! It seems everybody thinks he/she has given a single chance to ask for. What have brought people into this, I think is a general and global instability in world's (not even the region) economical and political situation. More companies getting bankrupted in US and Europe will feed this fear upon the air that world's conditions won't heal. More increasing Oil and Gold prices will increase people's worries about their near future.
rich European and American may feel a loss in their coming benefits or as the worst case, some losses in their already gained profits from the market (which the third world has made a big share in it) but EU members won't experience days like Iraqi or Afghan guys.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Google is going to have its influence on everybody's daily life. I was really fighting with this idea two or three years ago thinking "no, not another IT giant will grow to the size of microsoft!"
9 years ago when I started BBS business with my friend Hadi Eskandari, he induced me in to this belief that Linux will reign future server operating systems. But slowly I believed microsoft is the dominant lord of computers, for home users or servers as well. When the biggest computer makers like Lenovo or Dell start to sell Windows on their computers' package can you decline the power of microsoft for at least next decade?
by the way people are experiencing new IT Lord, whether Bill Gates like it or not! Google is paying the entire world (don't believe it?! Simply click on the above ads on my weblog, I bet you he will!) and this is the real big deal!
Future value added service based on the revenue people make from google's facilities (like finances, shopping etc) may ruin many other business owners' plans like Yahoo or MSN.
believe or not, Google is landing in your dreams...!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The gold's price is stable again. In Iran less economical educated people experienced an induced rush for buying golden coins (official cons of central bank of Iran) at an unbelievable price of 850 USD per Ounce. At the same time the global's market was trading gold for 620 USD. The gap was filled by people's fear of their own country's nuclear program and the entire world's re-action.
by the way the prices are again stable in Iran's gold market. This time it's Iron's turn to meet the highest rates in past 20 years. The price of Iron soared up to 50 percent in less than two months. ofcourse the main reason is exiting the world's stagnant market in last two years. The high prices will affect development programs, constructions, power and telecom projects.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hi Emad,
The US government does not allow us to sell products in Iran.

This is simply what he replied me in order to my inquiry for an oil industry device. I don't know exactly when the funny war will be over among Iran and the rest of "civilized" world. I don't think we are not to blame, but actually it's not just since the current events on Iran's nuclear programs started, the American government put us under sanctions.
Economical sanctions will affect the Iranian people directly. With the price of 75 USD or higher for each barrel, the poor guys will go poorer.