Thursday, April 06, 2006

Middle East says goodbye to marvelous past time for speculations. I think the instability and unsafety have overcome the investors' appetite and hope. the region is undenialbly unsafe because of energy supplement role in the world and the wars caused by the same reason have increased the fear on the air.
Tehran's stock market had a beautiful time in Mr.Khatami's presidency period (soaring from around 8000 up to 12500 units) but rapidly crashed to less than 10000 right after Mr.Ahmadinejad elected for the new period.
the problem may be with some economy bulb in past or some problems among most of investors and new cabinet's financial plans but the I think the main reason is a strong and real bad feeling has spread across the region on massive changes made by recent wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
why I think this way? Because when a huge amount of money stepped out of Tehran's Stock Market and entered Dubai's financial market, caused a transient and again unstable move in prices but crashed soon over there too.
other markets had not a better condition. Smile and say goodbye to speculators' golden days in ME...

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