Saturday, April 29, 2006

A craven lieutenant saw an ant carrying a big seed above a wall, right after his lost war. he remembered the story of another warrior after lost war and waited to see when the ant will fall, but he didn't! so he dropped the seed himself and the ant tried again to carry up the seed. he repeated dropping the poor ant again and again and at last he crumpled him with his finger and left the place.
there was another difference with the original story... the lieutenant of my story never became a great warrior!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Everybody wants to pay you online for taking surveys, participating in polls, clicking banners and inviting friends to somewhere! lots of respect and nice cares to make you stare at the monitor. actually I know some rare companies do the job in honesty (and obviously they benefit from it!) but 95% of these sort of site are just pretenders who will take you in a loop of other same sites.
it'd getting worse when they want you to pay a little (20 or 25 USD, even 5) for registering. and do not forget about spams!
at last I think the root of such activities is people's airy hopes to have an online income. social networking is going to build more values and waste more values (like time) at the same time, it's up to you to take the advantages or ...!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Since I'm an Iranian, I feel depress these days about my government's foreign policies. I don't afraid of war but sanctions. Actually Iran's front line for a war with US or EU would be definitely Iraq! any new engagements for US in Iraq is not respected these days. Obviously this theme of dialogue among them will last till the next election in US. if republicans win the next election then we may face new problems... but Democrats won't choose military action plans, I think.
by the way our government is not agree these days on flexibilities it seems. Economical sanctions will cause a boost in oil's price. what will happen?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Middle East says goodbye to marvelous past time for speculations. I think the instability and unsafety have overcome the investors' appetite and hope. the region is undenialbly unsafe because of energy supplement role in the world and the wars caused by the same reason have increased the fear on the air.
Tehran's stock market had a beautiful time in Mr.Khatami's presidency period (soaring from around 8000 up to 12500 units) but rapidly crashed to less than 10000 right after Mr.Ahmadinejad elected for the new period.
the problem may be with some economy bulb in past or some problems among most of investors and new cabinet's financial plans but the I think the main reason is a strong and real bad feeling has spread across the region on massive changes made by recent wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
why I think this way? Because when a huge amount of money stepped out of Tehran's Stock Market and entered Dubai's financial market, caused a transient and again unstable move in prices but crashed soon over there too.
other markets had not a better condition. Smile and say goodbye to speculators' golden days in ME...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

In an after war country (especially a civil kind) like Lebanon the most feeling you may have is how cruel human being can be with himself and how much insanity may have been spent to feed the hunger of madness called poletics. the rebuilt streets comparing the old boosted houses and buildings are the best result of two different side of human ability to construct or to destroy!
By the way, in Lebanon's economy something is interesting for me: the government's way of getting tax of three most huge industries: Energy, Telecom and Automobile.
with excluding few companies as Mobile and other Telecom facility provider operator, the government has soar up the fees as a main income model for its own. Broadband internet for 3USD per hour and mobile call for 1 USD per minute are some good samples.
In Energy business high prices on fuel and electricity power are the other signs of this approach. you can import any car (a 200K USD Hummer or a 15K USD 206) with giving out just 1000 USD as tax. so most of the cars messing around in city are brand new and gov makes its profit via the fuel...
I like the way they've chose!