Sunday, February 26, 2006

Orkut users are mostly from Brazil, Estonia, Iran and Pakistan regarding to the statistics provided in the site. what's the deal on the biggest online community's statistics? the given countries are all under development countries. in Iran and Pakistan we got a huge desire for self expression which may be because of the government's type or big youth society. Iranian guys may not be interesting for Orkut (who can make money of them?) and Pakistanis actually have little money to spend! most of prostitution are handled on Orkut by Estonian and Brazilian guys. Estonia is the biggest source for European girlie low jobs like whores, low secretary works, cashiers and newbie fashion models. Brazil is another source for gray jobs too! so how far is orkut from its aims? I say: nothing! they've got the market share, they've got the online traffic, profiles, the brand, and tools to data mining so what else? forget about the valued customers...!

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Estonia in World Media (Rus) said...

And what are your sources on Estonian whores? I'd like to post these news for the broader audience.