Sunday, February 26, 2006

Orkut users are mostly from Brazil, Estonia, Iran and Pakistan regarding to the statistics provided in the site. what's the deal on the biggest online community's statistics? the given countries are all under development countries. in Iran and Pakistan we got a huge desire for self expression which may be because of the government's type or big youth society. Iranian guys may not be interesting for Orkut (who can make money of them?) and Pakistanis actually have little money to spend! most of prostitution are handled on Orkut by Estonian and Brazilian guys. Estonia is the biggest source for European girlie low jobs like whores, low secretary works, cashiers and newbie fashion models. Brazil is another source for gray jobs too! so how far is orkut from its aims? I say: nothing! they've got the market share, they've got the online traffic, profiles, the brand, and tools to data mining so what else? forget about the valued customers...!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

May I have your attention please? I couldn't do it... I couldn't simply do what the holly light asked me to do. I tried, but my mind might be compromised, by a virus or something.
May I ask you all to step away and look me from a wider fisheye scope? I need to be seen completely! I need to be believed. how can I believe in myself when I know I cannot be trusted by others?? No my dear it ain't reversed... I see myself in a mirror in your hands.
May I tell you the truth now? I simply just couldn't do it.

and I'm here to confess...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Little me but old, in a new brand modern city but ancient. civilization means powered money! the dialogue among nations happened suddenly in a small hotel in Dubai, and the results were simply these: the story is never about a guy or a bunch of them, the story remains to be about the power and the money. the african people may hate non muslims but fear Iranian guys, too! isn't it a beautiful paradox? a Nigerian US citizen may know a lot about the world but not Iran's inside; isn't it a complex maze?
Medias are growing up to don't let us know more maybe! actually it was a hijack, believe or not, claim or not...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New junkies are messing around. Someone serve these guys, they are doing their best to express themselves. Why shouldn’t we understand them? Come here baby, I’ve seen lots of your kind, called king nothing… I can satisfy your need to feel important, I can feed your pride. I will induce you into a machinery coma, a sweet coma… military service is due after your satisfaction pal… I got new things in my life and I’m gonna love’em all!! I’m gonna amplify your desires, just by demand…

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Journalism was not a way to demonstrate my sickness too. I will leave it soon, the publicity is not the aim for my kind. these days it's just dreams come to me. special places is my game nowadays. telling a first sex experience story ruins the entire day but tomorrow will be another eye on you.
I'm not gonna keep on moving my gray cells further, I won't use them for such feelings. I'm just thinkin' of a dream. the tale won't end with the exact details I've described. cause the first experience may continue to attach the last one... yes, I mean, we are living a continues life...