Friday, December 29, 2006

At last, Saddam Hussein, the fearful monster of my childhood, the shotgun waver, the dictator, hanged for one-tenth of his crimes. If I want to explain how my childhood has been mixed up with his face and name, let me just recall the days, each morning my father was leaving home for work, I wasn't sure if I could see his face a second time. Each time the earsplitting alert was spreading to the town, and the bombers' voice were filling the sky, we were shivering in underground to see if we could taste the security another moment in our life.
by the way, he is gone... I'm sure with a fear of death, fear of the real judiciary waiting for him.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Match Point is well produced and well developed movie, in a totally non Hollywood atmosphere (which I admire!), with a great influence on its audience, I swear!
But there's something wrong with this movie I think. The picture calmly induces the possibility of being evil and getting out of a filthy condition with enough self provided justifications for all guilt a man can do. (do you recall anything more guilty than killing innocents?)
even the single sentence in the beginning of the movie "I rather like to be lucky than good" wouldn't wash out the dirt out of the nasty feeling that you may not get rid of such condition with not being lucky but good.
I really enjoyed the production of the film, but I still think ethical issues should be considered in such movies.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are you a google inspired techi or geek? If you are a google investor simultaneously, read this!

I think google has a lot to do. The main reason is: in passed years, google's directors have decided to widen their market coverage, not only the market share, which deals with your customers' necessities dept as well as the online activities' area. This has been caused the vast range of google services, several websites and brands, lots of good news, stock price pump up and investors satisfaction as an overall.
I mean: google starts a virgin, new discovered, genuine and/or potentially great business online - experts often do no wrong! So google guys accomplish the project the way it should be - with an enormous media coverage they fill your virtual atmosphere with good (even awesome!) news, you absolutely feel they are just endowed with victory! - buyers rush into stock markets queuing for GOOG! - the prices soar up with no EPS or solid profit margins care...

google is on the top right now, Y! Has established a much more stable business than Google. An old versatile website, based on many outsourcing or internally developed services which have figured in a longer period. much more better brand management and well developed business partnerships and relations. Who can decline they have succeeded passing the dot com crisis over the ending years of second millennium?

I think YHOO is going to take off in next quarter while GOOG may have experience something different.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Considering Websites as Intellectual Properties, we have to bring some more issues into account for owning a virtual business. I mean you need to be aware of more items in owning a virtual business than if it was in the real world. Or maybe, we have to say different issues if it's not more in quantity.
for example, owning the domain name, getting a unique interface in to design and keep attention in omitting things violating piracy, are some examples.
owning the domain name is a term that I've been engaged with several times. Especially when your partner or consumer has a little knowledge about the websphere and its regulations. These kind of people usually do not trust if you simply Change the whois information and handing the control panel password. In such cases, I recommend you to ask him/her to open a fully new account in a registrar and order a domain transfer.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

MSN and Yahoo Search the net more content oriented than Google. I don't mean there's a critical battle MSN will win, but considering new webmasters or webmasters of new sites trying to catch up the one digit ranks in the search results, seeing better result from MSN or Yahoo, how would you judge?
by the way there's a market share (nearly 30%) by these search engines... I got more traffic from MSN these days on my Iran Import Export Business Directory so I have to consider this SE important! any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am a fan of practice makes progress! I tried to start a website 6 years ago called Iran Import Export Business Directory but each time I developed it, I failed to follow up... These days, overflowing myself with different kind of jobs made me to focus on the issue again at nights! I mean the amount of work I have to do during the daytime forced me to concentrate on something I like it. I'm starting with some Iran Real Estate and Accommodation, Iran Insurance Services and Iran Travel and Tourism sectors.
please take a look and gimmie feedback on it :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Around 8 years ago, when I had a small company with around 10 employees, I experienced a bad reality: terminating an employee!!
it was a while I wasn't satisfied with his efficiency, and he didn't seem to be enough responsible regarding his duties. So I decided to terminate his contract. I think I made as many mistakes as I could!
first of all, when I started the discussion I tried to look so familiar and friendly, I was trying to tell him every minute that I know how he is feeling, while I really didn't!
I also was not so brief. It took around 20 minutes to describe him the condition, and then, we just started to argue about the matter! I really didn't handle it...
last mistake I made, was telling him lies about his capabilities. I bet it was better to tell him his weaknesses. He didn't need my nonsense!
by the way, try to be brief in such cases, trust your reasons when you are explaining the situation, expect some cries and uncomfortable conditions and at last, never tell your employee you know how he/she is feeling. You probably don't!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I experienced problems regarding my nationality during passed two weeks. Problems you may not ever faced as Europeans, Americans, Africans etc! Well, I'm Iranian! The case is: I wanted to buy something (domain names) from somewhere which I'm gonna describe details beneath:
1- surf and search for some registrar options: enom, opensrs, directi etc
2- log into the first alternate (enom) and try to pay using a credit card
3- ...Oops! Iran's range of IPs are blocked! Since ICANN has issued and emphasized on internet governing terms and no sanctions have been deployed on Iran, you have to think there's something else wrong.
4- thanks global village, you've got enough tools to keep your location behind. I logged into one of my servers in Europe and logged into enom again. I made the payment using an UAE registered credit card (and paid to an American company, this is globalization!!) everything seemed to be right. So you have to come into this conclusion all I had to do, was denying my nationality!
5- the first time I logged into my account normally (without proxy) my account got disabled!
6- I contacted the support and found out the problem: my dear IP! Damn global village!
7- I tried directi... The Indians won't get nervous with my nationality... I'm doing fine right now and I will transfer over 1000 domain names into their business (who says it's not a deal??)

Thanks Christine Graf, the risk manager of enom, I may better leave you behind with your boundaries and fears. I don't know how old are you Christine. But if you are over 40, you may recall the days Iran was the biggest US friend in Asia, and if you have studied world's history ever, you may know Iran is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations ever...

Friday, August 25, 2006

I've written a new article in Persian (hackers are not trustworthy!) about offers you may get from white hat hackers to consult or contract on your security issues. In case you got an online business you probably have experienced some hacking threads. In many cases the hackers calling themselves white hat, will offer you security services in a consultation or contract form. The article discusses how hackers are not trustworthy in any case, regarding some logics and ofcourse, some bad previous experiences market have seen.
I prefer to summerize these issues here:
1- hacking is a guilt in any circumstances. So a hacker is a guilty person in any aspects. Do you hire a person who obviously declares he's a guilty guy?
2- a good consultation firm, will keep you dependent on itself always. Do you feel comfortable with depending in a critical item (security) on some criminals?
3- what will your customers think if they understand you've hired some hackers for any reason? They will lose what you are trying to gain at the first step, because they don't need anything but privacy. And a hacker means no privacy!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My grandfather (Ebrahim Honarparvar) died in 3rd of august 2006. I believe he lived great and honorable, and died gentle. No disease, no pain and no need to bed care upto the last moments of his life. He studied till his last days like his entire life.
I'm really proud of him...
You can see his grave in Bournemouth, England, with my grandma's picture who died 12 years ago. My uncle Mohammad and his lovely family did their best for his great funeral and I have to thank them all. Dear Dani, Carly and Jemma, thank you all for your kind treat over past years to our beloved grandpa.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damn, we are not human... should we make any sensible difference with beasts?
just few months ago I visited Lebanon like many other tourists from Europe, Middle East and Africa looking this way, beneath Lebanese and Turkish Kurds are dancing in Beirut's Sea-Side (Rouche street):

and Today, the lamb-like silent world, should face such scenes:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I can't even believe what's going on in Beirut and Lebanon. I hope to visit Beirut someday again, in peace and pacification. Lebanese are warm and kind people, maybe because this long, lifetime war has made them so calm. By the way, I hope they can get back home very soon, and live in their pretty land forever.
Google promotes FireFox heavily on its Google Adsense programs (referral ads) I've got no problem with this,
many websites are not adjusted to be displayed normal and fine using FireFox, undoubted the problem is with their designers and webmasters, cause they will lose 20-30 percent of web surfers by the way. I've got no problem with this too!, but... Today when I tried to open my own blog on blogspot, which belongs to Google Group, I saw the adsense box is out of shape! And I've got a big problem with this for sure!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

No comments!

Fifa's worldcup group D countries in economical views:

Portugal: GDP per capita = 19,300 USD estimated in 2005
Mexico: GDP per capita = 10,000 USD est. in 2005
Iran: GDP per capita = 8,300 USD est. in 2005
Angola: GDP per capita = 3,200 USD est. in 2005
We are refreshing our organization chart at PersianBlog. I was interested in companies' structure and hierarchies always, feeling the classical management maybe. I like old styles.
being creative in your work place is great, but I think in most situations it's better to find the right answers from happened and experienced cases in other big (better say bigger) companies and firms. To be more frank, I think the art of solving management problems in small/middle size companies like ours (with around 50 employees) is in fact case study. Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Wiki etc... Doing reverse engineering to realize how they deal with problems and conditions. Also to find out the architecture and business algorithm.
I remember when we were studying on how we can build up our general portal, Zigur, Y!'s single sign on method looked so different from our model, but Google's approach to ring its sites was more similar to our system. Actually both side confirmation on a unique user ID (like your Gmail account in Google, Orkut, Adsense etc) is a great idea and really works!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need a vacation! I need to relax for a while, don't think about the newspaper (god, daily workflow kills!) don't think about the office, don't think about the responsibilities... The last item is an overall!
have you ever imagined the microsoft without Bill Gates?! The news about his leaving, as an executive director, and to focus on his charity programs, early 2008, during the world cup hot days, ... I got lots of feelings! They were doubtful to declare it? They are precautionary? They know worldcup affects any shocking news...
I think they didn't expect the rise of their share prices with declaring Bill will leave Microsoft! I'm not a fan or anti MS, but I think people these days are more relying on new and fresh ideas, something like youth spirit you know! :)
I believe Cisco and apple are following the same... Thanks worldcup for its influence!

Friday, June 16, 2006

the capacity... Everyone deals with this parameter in his characteristics. Even in interacting with others, classmates, colleagues, your wife etc. No one blame on his/her partner's limited capacity to hear, suffer or gain. The point is to know when you need to resume your mind. Like a garbage can.
these are exactly moments I think I need to take a break, have fun in my solitude, talk with no one but my mind, blog some words and walk along a street...

we celebrated PersianBlog 's 4th year birthday few days ago. I, as an Executive Manager in the group, felt proud, especially when I was presenting the 4th year's achievements and success story. We have more than 20 functional websites and online services making the biggest online Persian community on the web. Dr.Mehdi Boutorabi our CEO talked about the problems we encountered during past years and I mentioned problems regarding Privacy in Iran. (I directed a task force in ICC, Iran's region, about Privacy and Personal Data Protection)
by the way I hope to see PersianBlog's next Birthday anniversary.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A village near Iran has been recently discovered with 200 people who have never got out of the village for past 4000 years! They've never seen automobiles, or even any other mankind. They do not dress, do not communicate and do not study. Ofcourse you can imagine a vast range of other "they do not"s, but it may be interesting for you to know what kind of "they do not..." has been issued in an article in Entekhab's news agency: They do not know anything about Vilayat! (Iran's first man in government)
I really liked to ask the reporter, how did you come to this conclusion to investigate them about their belief in Vilayat?!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Who is a project manager? I have worked in IT business for 10 years and still I'm not expert in any kind of technical sort of things. The reason is not cause I'm a business owner or a CEO, I've worked as a freelancer, contractor, entrepreneur and a simple employee, and in all cases I was engaged in technical projects without getting too much into details.
I think this is the key to answer who is a project manager. A project manager should be a person with same responsibility to technical and management firms, to coordinate the relations and to transmit the necessities among the parties. In other words it's the pivot to handle the relations between group of managers and engineers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Miss management! The only problem we are interfering, is simply, solidly, uniquely: miss management! Wrong people in wrong places. Wrong attitude and wrong incentives... Right men, do not last, right men, do not grow.
Managers are not (and were not neither!) technicians, and do not trust in experts. They believe in disruptive methods of human resource managements! Believe me there's a hole in this country's management!


take a look at this:

maybe someday, in 16th or maybe older, I was a German! I really recognize them better... Yes I believe in reincarnation.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

These days in Iran, everybody wonders what'll happen in near future! Nobody plans for a long term business or living style, I mean! It seems everybody thinks he/she has given a single chance to ask for. What have brought people into this, I think is a general and global instability in world's (not even the region) economical and political situation. More companies getting bankrupted in US and Europe will feed this fear upon the air that world's conditions won't heal. More increasing Oil and Gold prices will increase people's worries about their near future.
rich European and American may feel a loss in their coming benefits or as the worst case, some losses in their already gained profits from the market (which the third world has made a big share in it) but EU members won't experience days like Iraqi or Afghan guys.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Google is going to have its influence on everybody's daily life. I was really fighting with this idea two or three years ago thinking "no, not another IT giant will grow to the size of microsoft!"
9 years ago when I started BBS business with my friend Hadi Eskandari, he induced me in to this belief that Linux will reign future server operating systems. But slowly I believed microsoft is the dominant lord of computers, for home users or servers as well. When the biggest computer makers like Lenovo or Dell start to sell Windows on their computers' package can you decline the power of microsoft for at least next decade?
by the way people are experiencing new IT Lord, whether Bill Gates like it or not! Google is paying the entire world (don't believe it?! Simply click on the above ads on my weblog, I bet you he will!) and this is the real big deal!
Future value added service based on the revenue people make from google's facilities (like finances, shopping etc) may ruin many other business owners' plans like Yahoo or MSN.
believe or not, Google is landing in your dreams...!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The gold's price is stable again. In Iran less economical educated people experienced an induced rush for buying golden coins (official cons of central bank of Iran) at an unbelievable price of 850 USD per Ounce. At the same time the global's market was trading gold for 620 USD. The gap was filled by people's fear of their own country's nuclear program and the entire world's re-action.
by the way the prices are again stable in Iran's gold market. This time it's Iron's turn to meet the highest rates in past 20 years. The price of Iron soared up to 50 percent in less than two months. ofcourse the main reason is exiting the world's stagnant market in last two years. The high prices will affect development programs, constructions, power and telecom projects.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hi Emad,
The US government does not allow us to sell products in Iran.

This is simply what he replied me in order to my inquiry for an oil industry device. I don't know exactly when the funny war will be over among Iran and the rest of "civilized" world. I don't think we are not to blame, but actually it's not just since the current events on Iran's nuclear programs started, the American government put us under sanctions.
Economical sanctions will affect the Iranian people directly. With the price of 75 USD or higher for each barrel, the poor guys will go poorer.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A craven lieutenant saw an ant carrying a big seed above a wall, right after his lost war. he remembered the story of another warrior after lost war and waited to see when the ant will fall, but he didn't! so he dropped the seed himself and the ant tried again to carry up the seed. he repeated dropping the poor ant again and again and at last he crumpled him with his finger and left the place.
there was another difference with the original story... the lieutenant of my story never became a great warrior!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Everybody wants to pay you online for taking surveys, participating in polls, clicking banners and inviting friends to somewhere! lots of respect and nice cares to make you stare at the monitor. actually I know some rare companies do the job in honesty (and obviously they benefit from it!) but 95% of these sort of site are just pretenders who will take you in a loop of other same sites.
it'd getting worse when they want you to pay a little (20 or 25 USD, even 5) for registering. and do not forget about spams!
at last I think the root of such activities is people's airy hopes to have an online income. social networking is going to build more values and waste more values (like time) at the same time, it's up to you to take the advantages or ...!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Since I'm an Iranian, I feel depress these days about my government's foreign policies. I don't afraid of war but sanctions. Actually Iran's front line for a war with US or EU would be definitely Iraq! any new engagements for US in Iraq is not respected these days. Obviously this theme of dialogue among them will last till the next election in US. if republicans win the next election then we may face new problems... but Democrats won't choose military action plans, I think.
by the way our government is not agree these days on flexibilities it seems. Economical sanctions will cause a boost in oil's price. what will happen?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Middle East says goodbye to marvelous past time for speculations. I think the instability and unsafety have overcome the investors' appetite and hope. the region is undenialbly unsafe because of energy supplement role in the world and the wars caused by the same reason have increased the fear on the air.
Tehran's stock market had a beautiful time in Mr.Khatami's presidency period (soaring from around 8000 up to 12500 units) but rapidly crashed to less than 10000 right after Mr.Ahmadinejad elected for the new period.
the problem may be with some economy bulb in past or some problems among most of investors and new cabinet's financial plans but the I think the main reason is a strong and real bad feeling has spread across the region on massive changes made by recent wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.
why I think this way? Because when a huge amount of money stepped out of Tehran's Stock Market and entered Dubai's financial market, caused a transient and again unstable move in prices but crashed soon over there too.
other markets had not a better condition. Smile and say goodbye to speculators' golden days in ME...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

In an after war country (especially a civil kind) like Lebanon the most feeling you may have is how cruel human being can be with himself and how much insanity may have been spent to feed the hunger of madness called poletics. the rebuilt streets comparing the old boosted houses and buildings are the best result of two different side of human ability to construct or to destroy!
By the way, in Lebanon's economy something is interesting for me: the government's way of getting tax of three most huge industries: Energy, Telecom and Automobile.
with excluding few companies as Mobile and other Telecom facility provider operator, the government has soar up the fees as a main income model for its own. Broadband internet for 3USD per hour and mobile call for 1 USD per minute are some good samples.
In Energy business high prices on fuel and electricity power are the other signs of this approach. you can import any car (a 200K USD Hummer or a 15K USD 206) with giving out just 1000 USD as tax. so most of the cars messing around in city are brand new and gov makes its profit via the fuel...
I like the way they've chose!

Friday, March 17, 2006

The ball is in my court now, the lord has created me, with all the possibilities and billions of other MEs staring at the old me! looking for a change to make, in entire life, entire world. the planet is staring at me. and I'm the responsible guy!! the ball is in my court again, and will be again and again... this story is continuously kicking my ass and I feel responsible...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Well, Google is falling down maybe!
Actually i think google's shareholders were experiencing a bulb on their speculations. and google feed this hunger with day by day news on impressive services and changes which seemed to be more than a service provider, something like a web leader.
The battle between Verizon and AT&T is interesting too. Verizon has a chance to keep on tracking the market as a leader I think, if could take over Vodafone in North America's market, Verizon Wireless I mean.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Noise and distortion may be just some Telecom courses but I think we need to learn about them in our actual life! some guys are just like noises, trying to guide you not to get what you are trying to get. and some others are distortion kinds, causing a pretty difference in what you've expected for. as it comes in physics these are natural phenomenal things we may decrease but not omit them; it's the same in humanity, unfortunately!
have you ever seen the movie "saw"? it's a full user manual to torture guys you hate! but some tools are needed!! it's also a new way to ruin your night with a nightmare if you watch it in the midnight!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

sometimes I can't believe the cover I'm in it. I can't believe the guys I suffer to talk with. the royalty is not the matter, the humanity I'd better call. the guy with no respect to the others, is the dead guy in his loneliness I think.
I had told the Napster is falling down because of legal business plan, hadn't I? these days with emule and online donkies who the hell will pay for copy righted songs?! I hope the company could face the stock problems and live longer since I really appriciate their approach... but others may not!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Orkut users are mostly from Brazil, Estonia, Iran and Pakistan regarding to the statistics provided in the site. what's the deal on the biggest online community's statistics? the given countries are all under development countries. in Iran and Pakistan we got a huge desire for self expression which may be because of the government's type or big youth society. Iranian guys may not be interesting for Orkut (who can make money of them?) and Pakistanis actually have little money to spend! most of prostitution are handled on Orkut by Estonian and Brazilian guys. Estonia is the biggest source for European girlie low jobs like whores, low secretary works, cashiers and newbie fashion models. Brazil is another source for gray jobs too! so how far is orkut from its aims? I say: nothing! they've got the market share, they've got the online traffic, profiles, the brand, and tools to data mining so what else? forget about the valued customers...!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

May I have your attention please? I couldn't do it... I couldn't simply do what the holly light asked me to do. I tried, but my mind might be compromised, by a virus or something.
May I ask you all to step away and look me from a wider fisheye scope? I need to be seen completely! I need to be believed. how can I believe in myself when I know I cannot be trusted by others?? No my dear it ain't reversed... I see myself in a mirror in your hands.
May I tell you the truth now? I simply just couldn't do it.

and I'm here to confess...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Little me but old, in a new brand modern city but ancient. civilization means powered money! the dialogue among nations happened suddenly in a small hotel in Dubai, and the results were simply these: the story is never about a guy or a bunch of them, the story remains to be about the power and the money. the african people may hate non muslims but fear Iranian guys, too! isn't it a beautiful paradox? a Nigerian US citizen may know a lot about the world but not Iran's inside; isn't it a complex maze?
Medias are growing up to don't let us know more maybe! actually it was a hijack, believe or not, claim or not...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

New junkies are messing around. Someone serve these guys, they are doing their best to express themselves. Why shouldn’t we understand them? Come here baby, I’ve seen lots of your kind, called king nothing… I can satisfy your need to feel important, I can feed your pride. I will induce you into a machinery coma, a sweet coma… military service is due after your satisfaction pal… I got new things in my life and I’m gonna love’em all!! I’m gonna amplify your desires, just by demand…

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Journalism was not a way to demonstrate my sickness too. I will leave it soon, the publicity is not the aim for my kind. these days it's just dreams come to me. special places is my game nowadays. telling a first sex experience story ruins the entire day but tomorrow will be another eye on you.
I'm not gonna keep on moving my gray cells further, I won't use them for such feelings. I'm just thinkin' of a dream. the tale won't end with the exact details I've described. cause the first experience may continue to attach the last one... yes, I mean, we are living a continues life...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life is playing a game, for some guys it's chess, with all its logics and regulations. for some other it may be roulette, all handled with chance. if you are the kind like me, supposed to play backgammon in this game, considering it half chance half logics:
rule number one in this club is to play just once, then wait for your component to play.
rule number two, don't try to speed up your component to play faster.
rule number three, do not try to force him/her to play your desired move...
life is a game, you gotta play with multiple guys at the moment, so sit back and relax. you've got lot's of opportunities to win or lose...

Monday, January 23, 2006

The wind blew ghostly one more time and found her path through the trees, tried to remember the last smell of the leaves and drop more of them in her last chance. and the old tree took the last deep breath and moved one of his fingers to coddle the seducing wind touching her soft face.
the two lovers stood in front of each other with a sign of victory in their both satisfied eyes. sky shouted at the wind to take her back high, clouds opened the way and swept away the dusts. wind gently stepped up and the tree, was thinking of the unforgettable moonlight suddenly has appeared...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

spiritual life is hard working. for me, as a stranger to myself, busy times always sound like being alive. days after days I can work so hard and forget about everything but not a simple minute without a prespective for future... but these days... the dog tired Emad is not as always. bunch of papers and files on my desk and desktop, ain't remain as my lost spirit anymore. I got a lost paradise instead... the paradise to lay over on its dream... somewhere without the worries and nasty bad feelings... no madness no sadness!
it's all about music and fitness maybe! but I feel more existing nowadays...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Life is gonna hate new things. new allotments are gonna get decided and I'm just the right guy to be executed in her arms for more justice shown to new world. the guy with funny feelings about the world, the new guy with so much appetite to call others out of duty and the guy who thought his mind has became a better place for my feelings.
I have to be concern about all of'em or I'm just being executed? I can tell you what he sees in his dreams, a world all with appreciation to his gentle wisdom and laughing at other's idiot feelings! ok, this is exactly what you need to get up early morning and keep on your funny jobs, and I exactly let you...