Friday, November 25, 2005

I couldn't believe, I just couldn't! few steps over, I could add much more joy and entertainment to my life than I could ever imagined... visible joy, feasible passion, extendable exult, expandable parties... I'm earth's new son, and gonna love this life! few steps over and I'm one sight guy getting blind to other facts. unability to hate, I'm the only just-in-love remained human! but these will remain till the end of dope, and I've learned not to over dose, even with the music...
"goodbye bluesky, goodbye...!"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

so many alerts a day, we used to receive these alerts. caution tips, attention beeps and warning tones. whatever you enconter several times a day, you'll be more ignorant about them. like police advices about not to talk with your cellphone. charitable ideas are welcome, instead of these kinds of advices.
considering this life, what a dork you are... hanging your head to each request a friend made. faggot don't you understand walking fast through the coridor won't make you important? don't you know getting the opposition state won't make you a superstar?
I think... you really, ...SUCK!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A man was frightened to fly but at last he tried once and became a part of history, cause the airline had no accident since then and that time significantly crashed. in the way back home from grave, his wife was thinking how would her husband feel getting informed the captain of nasty plane was her ex-boyfriend for lifetime. suddenly a voice whispered in her ear, no matter I'm fucking the hostess here and the captain is pretty good with someone else!
take it easy or it'll blow up your mind...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

do not follow the instruction, do not read this till the end, do not allow me to pop up in you mind, do not let me shake you, buzz you etc... don't let me use F words, don't make me make a sense, don't let me get out o'mine.
This is the most scary vision I've ever had, destroying all aunts trying to get the seed up the hill. something differs to them and to me, a bowel or a hill...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

right hand, raght leg and right eye: up, stress and shut.
left hand, left leg and left eye: down, relax and widen.
now you are the most likely to your feelings. fightning to stay or to leave. trying to realize or to ignore. attempting to conquer or to give up. persisting on force or to acept. pretending to understand or to confess.
judge yourself, are you a valued guy or are you kidding??

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm here to confess, lord forgive me. I've frightened. from dark, which I made it myself with my lack of knowledge. this empty space smells really dark... deep dark.
fear is a sin, for those who have high targets. you know the space is out of light and dark. you know you wont reach the sun. but you've stepped in. so you are a bastered volunteer. you shouldn't show your back, you shouldn't give up. and fear, is the big sin.
darkness and solitude, concentrate on your faults, but don't look back. run forest, runnn!

Friday, November 04, 2005

lots of lottery tickets to win, the earth is full of opportunities and the lucky guys are doing their best to have more fun. fun job, fun life, fun shopping, fun meal, fun sex and fun discussion! the price is gathering some guys around and tell'em about your ablities to entertain. to seduce the minds and change the hearts. to entertain...
but the questions remain to be answered: the pain sustains in my soul and I still suffer the inefficiency. other questions are about your failed ways to entertain me... actually I love this planet, this life and the whole pigs' shit in it and I'll live even without entertainment...