Monday, October 10, 2005

me: you were so kind to me hap, I really gonna miss you...
hap: no man, this is the way I treat all my friends.
me: yeah you are so kind. hope to compensate some day.
hap: come on man, we'd got good memories. I wish I could do better.
me: remember this magnum I bought last week from that nasty gippsy?
hap: yeah man, don't be angry about it, it's gone. you're eyes are changin' man. be cool...
me: I'm OK... I'll be fine
hap: yeah calm down pal
me: you remember you told me it doesn't worth it?
hap: yeah it was a little bit expensive, but just relax and forget about it...
me: you bastered mother fucker, you smell like a stinky pig...
hap: yeah man, you're right, calm down and drive. the train will leave soon
me: yeah you're right. I need some rest

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