Sunday, October 23, 2005

google stock about to stuck in the top! the titanic overture may happen but these are out of subject items. these 19 year old philosophers are the fact. life won't get simple periodic for them. regular jobs won't make them bore and paranoid tablets won't over doze them.
the fact of life, the most time consuming business for a little ME! damn I've wasted my entire life on you and still you open your dogs to me.
"let me figure it out this way, you take a job and... you become the job." hey you are a real wizard pal, I really prefer to be a simple cabbie than this BIG me...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Heck istead, please. it's better now.
don't hurry ma'am, don't try to chose for your death. it'll be here and you'll be there, just on-time! it's a force, a right, not a choice not a fight.
these shortcuts, make me insane. nasty policies and terms of service, too. I'm dog tired of being Bertrand Russell too. I prefer to be just a simple cabbie, like wizard...

Monday, October 10, 2005

me: you were so kind to me hap, I really gonna miss you...
hap: no man, this is the way I treat all my friends.
me: yeah you are so kind. hope to compensate some day.
hap: come on man, we'd got good memories. I wish I could do better.
me: remember this magnum I bought last week from that nasty gippsy?
hap: yeah man, don't be angry about it, it's gone. you're eyes are changin' man. be cool...
me: I'm OK... I'll be fine
hap: yeah calm down pal
me: you remember you told me it doesn't worth it?
hap: yeah it was a little bit expensive, but just relax and forget about it...
me: you bastered mother fucker, you smell like a stinky pig...
hap: yeah man, you're right, calm down and drive. the train will leave soon
me: yeah you're right. I need some rest

Sunday, October 09, 2005

my blog, is my mind's trash can. whenever I dig my past, whenever I whisper my dreams and whenever I feel dep! God's big creature is me. the big ME!
I can imagine in my blog, thousand even millions of eyes stared at me, I can hear the voice of audience, clapping for my terrific poem or lecture, I feel selfish when they call my name, they cry it loud!
roses are everywhere on the scene, so why I have to lie myself?? it's the big ME!

you know if I had even a cock's IQ and a camel's body, it was the big ME! I persist on the big cause I have thanked god million times for it!

Monday, October 03, 2005

God has created butterflies to let Maryam Heidarzadeh for bullshit poetry, and to learn me life is:
live half like a worm, useless creature just eating and growing,
almost the other half, live in a self made prison without any objection,
the few left days as a butterfly...
Lord thank you for let me think at least.