Sunday, June 26, 2005

I found it on the ground, it was dusty and fuzzy. I rubbed it, washed and brushed it. My friend, I'll take care of you, I said.
Now it's genius and I'm fuckin' famous. I'm laughin' out loud and I sing like a black drunk. I'm gonna compensate, he says. with him I'm like a member of this asylem, others are doing well too. I look over, for a million eyes staring at me. This stupid world's fans... starin' at me instead of darin' for a look in mirror. I laugh out loud, scream and make fun of my inferiors. this is the way I rule. this is the way that I manage my life. I train hate in my felows' heart. the best a man can do! I'm even hated during an intercourse. I nurture the curse... The big potential for hate, in me... the big me... me...

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