Monday, January 10, 2005

Hipe, whype Ipe should biep asp every other daype?
cause it's snowing right now, and I may leave my car behind, I'll pull my shoes' rope up... powerful, to take off from land, and swing into the sky... I can fly to home today, so why shouldn't I leave my car behind? it's snowing, hard enough to be a different day.
Mype love isp waiting for meip... @home...
she's waiting for me... and I can't wait to get there. is this true hate? yep, I hate time when I can't be where I like to be... how long I'll repeat this repeated repeating story every day? repeat it 3 times to realize. by the way she's waiting and it's enough to let me leave my car behind.
whype are youp trying top keeping onp? fuck off
today is snowing hard...

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