Friday, November 19, 2004

What I'm supposed to do is good things which bring me up to my final accomplishment, To the last degree of humanity perfection. This is the ideal human on the world who worth for the god sent crown on his head. How long it takes to get to such a level or was Buddha or Zoroaster such persons or … is not my exact question. What happens next? It may be a little bit more interesting but still not my QUESTION! I'm asking, what happens to that little boy who born from a prostitute mother, an always drunk jerk father, who raped him when he was 9, forced him to rob and beg in streets when he was 10 and …! He needs at least 20 years to understand what he is supposed to be, that crowned perfect human I mean! But he is 19, he has spent 3 years in jail and the rest in damned downtowns! Any suggestion for my poor boy?? Nope?


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

How it's getting in your mind?
First you see it, it doesn't seem to be that horror, it's just a little seducin', yep! another opportunity for being something. sommme fffucking thinnng!
you taste it but not swallow. you used to taste it for a while, but in the middle you find out you've swallowed it. OK... WHOOSAAAH... relax and think. have you ever had?? nope! leave it... you've swallowed it, and it's starting to show you the fact, that IT WAS THE HORROR. you are trying to pee it! but not shitting! I won't keep on tellin' bullshit till the end of night. What are you thinking I'm talkin' 'bout?? Drugs? you're dumb. Girls? oh no, you Faggot. Ice creams?!! ok, you suck! This is living a life... I think everybody has decided to live his/her life. Ohhhh Philosopher! commme on... till when I wanna pretend I know the life? men, mammals, birds, love, hate, boats, ice creams, worms and seeds... God, what are you trying to show? your power? I don't think I need to show others I can pee! God, listen... I really love my life, I'm gonna enjoy it in next two decades, please let me live a little bit slower. I just wanna be a slowly dying face! what should I enjoy?? huh? eating? to be what I ate an hour before or to shit what I living now in an hour later? hehe. loving? love who is just like you, in the middle of no where, and wait till it turns to hate. hateing?? hate the hater, rape the raper.

cause when you put a finger on some body's hole, he'll put a shotgun on yours!

this is life, taste it, but not swallow. never worship this life, believe me...
god? are u listening?... huh?